2022 Candidate Endorsements and Legislative Scorecard

Stillwater, Maine — The Wabanaki Alliance today announced their endorsements of candidates for the Maine Legislature and their 130th Maine Legislature Scorecard. They also announced their decision not to endorse a candidate for Governor of Maine. Their decisions were based on past support of legislative priorities of the alliance by candidates for state office, and future support that was expressed through a recent questionnaire sent to non-incumbents.

Ambassador Maulian Dana, President of the Wabanaki Alliance, said today, “The Wabanaki Alliance exists to have surrounding governments recognize the inherent sovereignty for our tribes here in Maine. We are only asking to be on the same footing as 570 other federally recognized tribes in 49 other states. Without modernizing the Settlement Act, we have not taken any step closer to being treated fairly as the other tribes across the country.”

Dana continued, “We did make progress on some issues in the last legislative session, but our goal has been to modernize the 1980 Settlement Act in a meaningful way. That has not happened for over 42 years. No matter the affiliation, Democrat, Republican or Independent, or who resides in the Blaine House, there has been no progress on modernizing the Settlement Act. Those we have endorsed understand the importance of sovereignty and are true allies. We ask Maine voters, an astounding number who supported us during the 130th Legislature, to consider our Legislative Scorecard and endorsements when they decide who to support to represent them in Augusta.”

Find the list of candidates endorsed by the Wabanaki Alliance below. You can also review the latest legislative scorecards for the Maine House, the Maine Senate and the Governor, and the 2022 Tribal Champions and Adversaries

2022 Maine House Endorsements

1DDana Appleby
3DDavid Harold McCrea
9DAnne C. Perry
12RBilly Bob Faulkingham
13DJ. Mark Worth
14DLynne A. Williams
16DNina Milliken
20DKevin J. M. O'Connell
21DAmbureen Rana
22DLaura D. Supica
23DAmy J. Roeder
24DJoseph C. Perry, Sr.
25DLaurie Osher
26DJames Dill
27RGary A. Drinkwater
28DNatalie Dipentino
30RJim White
31DRichard A. Evans
38GHeather “Betsy” Garrold
39DJanice S. Dodge
40DStanley Paige Zeigler, Jr.
41DVictoria W. Doudera
42DValli D. Geiger
43DAnn Higgins Matlack
44IWilliam D. Pluecker
45DClint Collamore
46DLydia Crafts
47IEvan Goodkowsky
47ILeslie T. Fossel
48DHolly B. Stover
49DAllison Hepler
50DSean C. Paulhus
51DRebecca Jauch
52DSally Cluchey
52IPeter Lewis
54DKaren L. Montell
55DDaniel Shagoury
57DTavis Rock Hasenfus
58RDaniel J. Newman
59DRaegan French LaRochelle
61DAmy Davidoff
62DPam Swift
62ILindsey Harwath
64DColleen M. Madigan
65DBruce White
67DRobert Sezak
70DIver Lofving
71DAllison Perkins
75DH. Scott Landry, Jr.
76DTamara Hoke
79RJohn Andrews
81DDaniel Sipe
83IWalter N. Riseman
85DChristopher Struebing
86DJessica L. Fay
87IMary-Beth Taylor
88DKathy Shaw
89DAdam R. Lee
91DHildie Lipson
93DMargaret Craven
94DKristen Cloutier
99DCheryl A Golek
100DDan Ankeles
101DPoppy Arford
102DMelanie F. Sachs
103DArthur Bell
105DAnne Graham
106DDana Reed
108DMaureen Fitzgerald Terry
109DJames Boyle
110DStephen W. Moriarty
111DAmy Kuhn
112DEdward Crockett
113DGrayson B. Lookner
114DBenjamin Collings
115DMichael Brennan
116DSamuel Lewis Zager
117DMatt Moonen
118DRachel Talbot Ross
119DCharles Skold
120DDeqa Dhalac
121DChristopher J. Kessler
122DLois Galgay Reckitt
123DRebecca J. Millett
124DSophia B. Warren
127DMorgan J. Rielly
128DSuzanne M. Salisbury
129DMargaret M. O'Neil
130DLynn Copeland
131DLori K. Gramlich
132DErin R. Sheehan
133DMarc Malon
134DTraci Gere
137DRobert Faucher
138IMichael T Barden III
146DWalter G. Runte Jr
148DMargaret (Peg) Wheeler
149DTiffany Roberts
150DMichele Meyer
151DKristi Michele Mathieson

Maine Senate Endorsements

1DTroy D. Jackson
2DDanielle Fienberg
3DShawn G Bean
5DStanley A. Wheeler
7DNicole Grohoski
8DMike Tipping
9DJoseph Baldacci
10DRalph Cammack
11DChip Curry
12DPinny Beebe-Center
13DCameron Reny
14DCraig V. Hickman
15DStorme St. Valle
16DDavid P. LaFountain
18RRichard A. Bennett
21DPeggy Rotundo
22DMichael McKinney
23DMatthea E.L. Daughtry
24DEloise Vitelli
25DTeresa S. Pierce
28DBen Chipman
29DAnne Carney
30DStacy Brenner
31DDonna Bailey
32DHenry Ingwersen
34DJoseph Rafferty
35DMark Lawrence