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The Wabanaki Alliance advocates for legislation and policies that improve the lives of Wabanaki citizens and our neighbors around the state, protect and preserve our environment, and honor tribal history and culture. Find our current calls to action below and learn more about how you can Stand With Wabanaki.

Join the Wabanaki Alliance Coalition

Join the Wabanaki Alliance Coalition

More than 280 businesses and organizations that support Wabanaki inherent sovereignty have joined the Wabanaki Alliance Tribal Coalition! See the list of members and find out how your organization or business can help advance the work of the Wabanaki Alliance!

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Tribal Issues in the News

Tribal Issues in the News

Read a guest editorial by Penobscot Nation Chief Kirk Francis and Penobscot Nation Tribal Ambassador Maulian Bryant on the importance of a bill recently signed into law that restores jurisdiction over certain criminal offenses to tribal courts and creates concurrent jurisdiction between tribal and state courts over others.

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Wabanaki Alliance Media & Style Guide

Wabanaki Alliance Media & Style Guide

The Wabanaki Alliance has launched a new media and style guide with common sense approaches to writing accurately and respectfully regarding Wabanaki people, history, land, and culture.

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Read about Tribal Sovereignty

Learn more about the Wabanaki Nations’ inherent right to self-governance in our resource, Understanding Tribal Sovereignty.

Bill Tracker

Learn about state legislation related to tribal issues in our 131st Maine Legislature Bill Tracker

Join the Coalition

Support Wabanaki sovereignty and our efforts by joining the Wabanaki Alliance Coalition.

Letters to the Editor

Find tips for writing an effective letter to the editor and links to newspaper contact info in our LTE Guide

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Amplify our issues by sharing posts on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.


Read studies and reports on Wabanaki issues from state and national organizations on our Reports Page.

Legislative Testimony

Read our testimony on state and federal legislation on our Legislative Testimony page.


See how your state legislators ranked on our priority issues during the last session in our Legislative Scorecard.