Wabanaki Voices in the Bangor Daily News

In February 2024, the Bangor Daily News launched “Wabanaki Voices,” a monthly column in the newspapers’ opinion section that shares perspectives from Wabanaki citizens. The Wabanaki Alliance shares these columns on this page each month. Check back regularly for new installments.

Wabanaki stewardship of the land benefits all

This month’s Wabanaki Voices column focuses on recent collaborations between conservation groups and Indigenous peoples across the world, including here in the place we now call Maine. It was written by Dr. Darren Ranco, a citizen of the Penobscot Nation, chair of Native American Programs and coordinator of Native American Research at the University of Maine, and a member of the Planning Team for the Wabanaki Commission on Land and Stewardship.

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Amended LD 2007 would bolster Wabanaki Nations’ power to protect our citizens

This month’s Wabanaki Voices column in the Bangor Daily News focuses on how the amended version of LD 2007 would establish stronger tribal courts. Authors include Maulian Bryant, Penobscot Nation Tribal Ambassador and President of the Wabanaki Alliance; Osihkiyol Crofton-Macdonald, Houlton Band of Maliseets Tribal Ambassador; Aaron Dana, Passamaquoddy Nation Tribal Representative; Rena Newell, Sipayik citizen; and Richard Silliboy, Vice Chief of the Mi’kmaq Nation.

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With LD 2007, Maine can recognize Wabanaki self-determination

The first installment in the Bangor Daily News’ monthly column Wabanaki Voices offers background on efforts to restore inherent tribal sovereignty to the Wabanaki Nations. It was written by Kirk Francis, Chief of the Penobscot Nation, Clarissa Sabattis, Chief of the Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians, and Edward Peter Paul, Chief of the Mi’kmaq Nation.

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