On November 7, Maine voters have an opportunity to Vote Yes on Question 6, a constitutional amendment that would require the state to print the full text of the Maine State Constitution, including a section about Maine’s original treaty obligations to the Wabanaki Nations that has been missing from printed versions for more than 100 years. Click here to volunteer for the Yes on 6 campaign and see below for a video on Question 6. 



More than 100 years ago, the state of Maine stopped printing the complete version of the Maine constitution. The missing sections include language about Maine’s original treaty and other obligations to the Wabanaki. Ensuring people understand the history, commitments, and obligations governments made to the Wabanaki tribes and people is essential for a healthy relationship between the Wabanaki and the State of Maine.

The Wabanaki people were given space in this document, and that should not be ignored. The fact that the original treaty obligations were hidden sends a message to the tribal nations that the agreements and relationships between the state and our tribal governments are not important or worthwhile. We hope that is not the case and we can honor this shared history together by including treaty obligations in printed copies of the constitution.



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    • Vote YES on Question 6! To vote via absentee ballot, request your ballot now, complete it when it arrives, sign the back of the envelope and return it by 8 pm on November 7. To vote in person at the polls on November 7, visit Maine’s Voter Lookup to find your polling location.

Restoring Wabanaki History in Maine at the Ballot Box


Watch the Maine Conservation Voters Lunch and Learn Program on Question 6, Restoring Wabanaki History in Maine at the Ballot Box, with guest speaker Maulian Bryant, Penobscot Nation Ambassador and President of the Wabanaki Alliance Board of Directors. The program aired September 29, 2023.